Vinton Municipal Electric Utility

Phone (319) 472-4813 or 4722-3663

Welcome to Vinton Municipal Electric Utility's (VMEU) web site. This site contains information on utility rates, contact information, board minutes and other information.


In 1895 the City of Vinton ordered a new generator to begin providing electric service to Vinton. Around 1976 the community voted to put the electric utility under its own Board of Trustees. Vinton Municipal Electric Utility was created after the vote passed.

Our purpose is to supply safe, reliable, high quality electric service to our customers. Our goal is to provide that service to our customers as economically as possible, to assist our customers in making effective energy choices, and to be responsive to the needs of our customers. This is a Public Power Hallmark -- PUTTING OUR CUSTOMER /OWNER FIRST.


VMEU is a member of American Public Power Association (APPA), Resale Power Group of Iowa (RPGI) and Vinton Unlimited (VU).

This is our distribution office located at 214 east 2nd street and can be reached by phone at 319-472-4813. Billing and accounting operations are conducted at City Hall at 110 West 3rd street and can be reached by phone at 319-472-4707.

This is our generation plant located at 203 east. 2nd Street and can be reached by phone at 319-472-3663. VMEU has approximately 17.3 megawatt's of generation capacity. In July of 2012 we set a record peak consumption of 12.9 megawatt.