Vinton Municipal Electric Utility

Phone (319) 472-4813 or 472-3663

Do you have an after business hours electrical problem like no lights or blinking lights? Need to talk to some one at VMEU during business hours? Need to know when the utility board meets and where? This page provides this information and more.


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VMEU thanks you for your years of service!

For daytime electrical issues call our distribution office phone number 319-472-4813 and if you get voice mail during office hours hang up and call city hall at 319-472-4707 option 1. For billing and account information please call city hall at 319-472-4707 option 1.


Board of  Trustees
Alan Woodhouse  319-472-4862

Board Members
Kim Meyer                                    Mike Barron           319-472-4154
Mike Elwick            319-472-2455 Jon Kremer            319-472-4549

Manager :
Tom Richtsmeier  319-360-9665

Power Line Foreman
Brad Still               319-215-5638

The Utility Board of Trustees meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month unless otherwise advertised at 214 E. 2nd St. at 5 PM.

Power Line Technicians
Dennis Bramow       319-472-2540 Jeff (Jedd) Kenney   319-472-5376
Austin Parmenter joins us in May

Generation Plant Foreman
Kevin Kirchner          319-477-3169

Generation Plant Operators
Jeff Long                  319-472-5392 Kirk Steinford           319-472-4950

Administrative Assistant
Lori Hill                    319-475-2267

For blinking lights, no lights and other after business hour emergencies please call the following cell phone number :   319-560-9871
If you end up leaving a voice mail and no one returns your call within 10 minutes please call again. Cell phones are not 100% reliable. If there is an issue with the above cell number please try our generation plant on call cell number of:
The distribution office ( Line Shop) is located at 214 East 2nd Street and the generation plant is located at 203 East 2nd Street.